Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are an increasingly troublesome problem here and Weed Wise takes them seriously! Not only are their mounds unsightly, but their presence can be extremely dangerous. Their stings can be extremely painful and can cause allergic reactions in some people. That's why it's so important to remove fire ant colonies whenever they appear in or around homes.

We offer 2 options when it comes to fire ants:

Option 1 is included with all of our full season lawn programs and is included in the total program cost. With each visit, we will treat any visible fire ant mounds. For anyone that has had fire ants on their property, this will be a welcome addition that most lawn care providers fail to provide.

Option 2 is designed for year-round protection of your property from fire ants. Out scientifically designed program is guaranteed to protect your yard from all fire ants for twelve months. Your friends and family will be protected giving you peace of mind with just one treatment.

This application includes spreading a granular bait over the entire property which also includes your plant beds (not just your lawn). We treat any existing mounds in order to help speed up the process. This is a thorough process, but it can take up to 30 days before you'll see a reduction in the fire ant population. Ants need to crawl through the bait in order to absorb and redistribute the active ingredient which eventually kills them. Our fire ant program comes with a one year guarantee. If after 30 days you notice a fire ant mound reappear simply call us and we will re-treat at no additional cost.

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