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The first step to a better looking, healthier lawn is to request a free, no-obligation estimate. We will stop by your property and give you a boots-on-the-ground estimate where we make an accurate evaluation of your property. Almost all lawn care providers base their estimates on the square footage of a property. That makes the measuring of the property a critical and necessary step. Some service companies actually base their square footage measurement on aerial images of properties. We feel each property is unique and can't be accurately measured without taking into account existing landscaping and hardscaping elements that may easily be overlooked on aerial measurements.

While we're taking measurements of your lawn, we'll also be looking at the condition of your turfgrass, looking for problem areas that may need special attention. When we're done with the measuring, we'll give you an accurate and honest evaluation based on first-hand examination.

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Our Free Lawn Care Estimate will give you a complete lawn analysis based on the existing conditions of your turf grass at the time of our inspection. Depending on when the lawn is inspected depends on what can be seen. Sometimes, especially during the dormant times of the year, not all lawn weeds and diseases can be identified.

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