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Weed Wise is different in several ways. Most lawncare companies place ever increasing daily stop requirements on their technicians, meaning they have to work longer and harder just to have Saturday off. In addition, the technician might also be paid a commission once they exceed their weekly billing requirements. This encourages "speedy" applications to YOUR property and faster is not always better. At Weed Wise we have no daily number of stops, no billing requirements, and no commissions!

Our goal: provide the best application for your property.

We make every effort to take a proactive approach to your lawn. We're always on the lookout for grassy weeds, even those hard-to-control weeds. These weeds require mixing specific products based on the type of weed. Everyone has a broadleaf weed control product onboard, but it is another matter for a company willing to take the time put together a special mix and take that extra trip across your lawn. This is what makes Weed Wise different from other lawn care companies.

Another point that separates our lawn service from others is that we make unannounced free visits between scheduled applications to verify weeds we've treated are dying. During any of those unscheduled visits we find weeds not responding, we will re-treat again at no extra charge. Most companies wait for customers to call when stubborn weeds aren't dying!

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