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If you're looking for hassle-free lawn care services designed to get rid of pesky weeds, destructive insects, and a thick, healthy lawn, contact Weed Wise. Not only do we provide quality lawn fertilization, we also can prevent many weeds from taking root in your lawn. Those weeds that are present, we can quickly and effectively treat. THE RESULT: you get a thicker, weed-free lawn that your entire family will enjoy all growing season long.

Lawn Fertilization for Georgia Lawns

All turf grasses use large amounts of nutrients found in the soil. These nutrients are the basic building blocks that lawn grasses use to convert sunlight into food. The nutrients are absorbed from the soil through the root system and used to build plant cells.

That's why it's so important to replace these nutrients.

Turf Grasses as efficient as they are at converting sunlight into food, cannot convert nutrients that have been depleted from the soil. Our balanced approach to lawn fertilization ensures that your turf grass has those necessary nutrients in the right amount at the right time during the growing. Using slow release DRY GRANULAR fertilizer makes certain that those nutrients are available over a longer period of time.

Take the first step to insuring that your lawn will not only be thick and vibrant, but be healthy from the roots up. Our special programs are designed to ensure your turf grass gets the best care available and at an affordable cost. Start today with a free estimate.

Great for Customer Service
even better for your lawn

Weed Wise is NOT one of those big franchise companies that are more interested in adding new customers than servicing their existing customers. We believe the success of our business is in treating our customers exactly like we want to be treated.

As a Weed Wise customer you'll get the best possible lawn care service in the industry.

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Weed Control in Your Lawn

Nothing tarnishes the impression of a beautiful lawn more than the presence of bothersome weeds. Our weed control program treats for broadleaf weeds and grassy-type weeds. We also include both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls that prevent most weeds from ever getting a foothold in your lawn.

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