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Jamestown Settlement

Virginia's Historic Triangle

Virginia's Historic Triangle is really America's heart. Here, in the early 1600s, Jamestown became the first permanent English settlement in North America. Despite having made a poor choice for the selection of this settlement, it would become the first step of many.

Historic Jamestown Site

Historic Jamestown along the James River.

When it became apparent that the geography of the Jamestown settlement was not suited for a settlement, the new colony moved further inland away from the swampy lands to more fertile ground where crops could be planted, and the land could be developed. Here Williamsburg was founded and it became the capital of the new Virginia colony.


The small town became the heart of a revolution that would ultimately shake the world. Leading up to that revolution, young men, that would later become known as the founding fathers, would debate the merits of democracy and would eventually risk their lives when they raised their voices against the King and country, urging the citizens to support a revolution.

Once that revolution took shape, it would be ultimately decided just a few miles down the road at the small sea port of Yorktown. Here the most powerful army in the world would be outwitted and out matched in a final conflict that would ultimately result in the British surrender, and the recognition by the world of the brand new United States of America.

Surrender Field at Yorktown

Surrender Field at Yorktown