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Colonial Grace EpiscopalChurch

Colonial Grace Episcopal Church
111 Church Street

Over the years, Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown has endured a number of hardships. The church as first built here in 1697. During the Revolutionary War when Cornwallis occupied Yorktown, the church was stripped of its furnishings and was converted into a magazine for the safe keeping of the British munitions.

The church survived the British brief occupation but was destroyed in the great fire of 1814. It was partially rebuilt in 1835 and reconstructed completely in 1926.

The church's original bell was cast in London in 1725, but the metal cracked in the 1814 fire. The bell was then recast in 1882. The communion silver service was also made in London in 1649 and is still in use.

Cemetery Section

Small section of the walled cemetery surrounding the church

In 1927 during a restoration, some new features were added to the church including the Georgian doorway seen on the front doorway as well as the new steps, expansive steps leading up to the door. The belfry and colonial windows were also added at that time.

Grace Church