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The Yorktown Victory Center Colonial Farm

From the beginning of European influence in the new world, farming played a major force, and for Virginia, tobacco farming was the primary source of revenue for the early settlers. The 1780s colonial farm model on display at the Yorktown Victory Center provides a realistic picture on a small scale of what rural farm life may have looked like. The structures, crops and fencing gives first-hand appreciation of the truly demanding hardships facing everyday life for family living on the farm.

The re-created 1780s farm includes a typical home, kitchen, tobacco barn, field crops, and a kitchen garden, all combined to show how many Americans lived during the Revolution.

Tobacco Drying Barn

Colonial Tobacco Drying Barn

Docents are on hand to give visitors in-depth information about farm life from the farmers point of view. Whether you're into history, gardening or colonial life, the 1780s Colonial Farm can provide an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon. Visiting the various buildings does require some walking, but nothing strenuous.

Yorktown Colonial Farm